Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Dear Beloved Reader

I'm so sorry! I have tried to Blog for the last week and a half, and my computer refused to save it! There has been a lot going on since the last time I wrote.

I'll start with last week:

I took a trip to West Columbia, TX to visit a very near and dear friend of mine. There I saw rain, had non stop movie marathons (finally watched Avatar!), cooked an extremely delicious frozen meal, and just spent time with extremely amazing people! It was amazing. I felt like part of the family to an extent. Needless to say, I miss Nathan and his family greatly and I have no idea when I will see them next... Hopefully October-Fingers crossed!

I've recently gotten back into the groove of baking! I hadn't done it in such a LONG time, that I didn't realize how much I've missed it. It's something I'm decent at and I feel great when I see people enjoying my creations! The night Nathan and I cooked dinner for his family, we made a chocolate cake with a homemade fudge icing... it was SO good. Very rich, but extremely light to my surprise. Of course I could only manage a half of a "Nathan" size piece, but nonetheless, still very delighted with the outcome. Recently, I baked some cookies from scratch... Those were also extremely good! I can;t wait to bake the next thing.

It's great how God gives us simple things such as time with friends and hobbies to help us escape the chaos of life just for a little while. I can't help but smile, even through my sad moments, knowing that I have a God who pulls me through and brings joy in the morning. I'm very thankful for my family and friends whom he has given me to get through this life with. I know very many sweet, loving, and talented people. I can't wait to grow closer in my friendships, and become the next baker on the Food Network! Again, thanks to my four followers! You're appreciated! Again I'm sorry it's been awhile since I've posted!