Saturday, January 28, 2012

Love... Call It What You May

Before I begin, I want to state for the record that I am the worst blogger ever. I never stay up with it much like my journaling haha. So now that that irrelivant statement is out of my system, on to bigger and greater things...

Love. What does that word mean?

Today, I feel like it has been tainted by the world. Yeah, call me cynical or whatever, but lets be real... Love isn't what it used to be.

Hollywood has painted an image of lust, passion, almost a perfect type of way that it should look. But in reality, it's never that way. As humans, we make mistakes. We can't always be there for those we care about. We can't always succeed in being caretakers, and ultimate comforters, but rather we fail and we hurt the ones we promised we wouldn't. I don't believe in just romantic love. I believe in a love that goes far beyond labels. I believe in God's love. A love that people have perverted by showing hatred and manipulating scripture into expressing what they want it to say. For instance, in regards to gay people. Yes, they are spoken of as an abomination in God's eyes, but that doesn't separate them from God's love. It is a huge shame to me that so many people hide behind the label of being a Christian, and are afraid to love everyone because it isn't the right thing to do, or is looked down upon. It saddens me that people are raised to be racist, anti-gay, or prejudice. But it's a big huge circle. Hate is coming from both ends.

I struggle to see how this world could one day get better. Forget politics, economy, the president... The truth is, the problem lies within everyone. We have chosen to live in a world separated; full of anger, war, hatred. The truth is, I believe we are far from a lot of things in regards of finding a balance. Finding the peace we are offered through Jesus Christ. Yeah, I will go on a religious tangent, because he is the only person in history who was perfect. Who cared for everyone, even the most dispised people. Jesus had a perfect love that overcame everything. He never let anyone down. He never hurt anyone. All he did was care, and sacrifice himself for us as an example. But, how do we repay him? By treating others wrongly.

No, we can never love like he did, but we can at least try. Black, white, mexican, asian, gay, lesbian.... You can't expect change unless you begin to take steps to make it happen. My hope is that we begin to move in that direction. That we strive to express the true love God intended for us to show.

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