Monday, October 17, 2011

Lets Just Talk It Out

Miscommunication. 16 letters that cause a lot of problems for many couples today. Unfortunately, an understanding of the opposite gender will never ever happen, but trying to goes a long way when it comes to being in a relationship. There have been times, in my personal experiences, where I've offended Nathan without trying and he has done likewise with me. It's often hard to know what to say to help the other, because the truth is, we couldn't possibly know what is right for that person because we handle things differently. For instance, feelings. Yes, guys have feelings, but they definitely show them way less than girls do (well most guys for that matter).

Honestly, I think our problem is that we don't take the time to express how we feel. No one is a mind reader. We have to give insight to get what we're looking for or even a hint of what we want in our relationships. Even I struggle with this. When you truly care about someone, not necessarily romantically, but in any relationship, you should have the desire to be completely open with them. It's so important to show that you can trust them and letting them know they can trust you. being open is hard, and it makes you vulnerable, but it creates a different kind of understanding that the person you're in the relationship can grasp. People only know what you tell them.

Take this into consideration next time you're having boy or girl troubles :) It might make a difference!

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