Thursday, July 14, 2011

Boys are in fact silly.

A certain situation has presented itself in my life within the last few days. A guy friend of mine has been struggling lately with a pretty intense issue. Its one of those things you hear about when you just sit there and every fiber of your being is terrified for that person.You actually have no idea how to help or even what to do. It's just this: boys are silly and even though they come to you for advice, they never ever listen to girls. Through other times this has happened, I've come to realize that 98% most girls are right regardless on what guys think or not (and that isn't necessarily logic and analytical thinking, but we DO know a lot about life and drama). There was also a recent incident with Nathan where I had said something and I guess it didn't click, but several days later a guy friend of his said the exact same thing and he got it all of a sudden. I've learned not to take it personally, but why do guys even bother us for advice when they aren't gonna listen? It just stresses us out even more. No matter what I say, he isn't going to have a great awakening and follow what I say. Instead, he's going to do what a guy says even if it is the exact same thing I had just said like thirty seconds ago. BUT I will say this. As someone who cares about his well being, I will continue to say what I feel needs to be said and I will pray that God will use it to open his eyes to what I'm seeing, even if I am being completely ignored.

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