Friday, July 15, 2011

Will Work For...?

What is my purpose? I seriously thought this as I gazed across a room full of busy people who were rushing to get back to work and just needed to grab a quick bite. Working at Schlotzsky's has created an opportunity to become the "best of the best" at people watching. I sit there and think about where these people may come from, how immaculate they must be at raising their children or living their lives per-say, or even the kind of people they will be in the future. But then I realize this; clearly people must sit there and wonder the exact same thing while looking at me. How is it that I'm presenting myself every moment I'm around them? As a Christian, I have been called to be set apart from the world and not a slave to sin (Romans 6:6)... but have my actions truly shown this? Wanna know a secret?

I've done something I'm ashamed of.

A friend of mine is dealing with an issue at the moment, and as a protective sister type figure, I got involved before I could even think (okay Nathan, I admit it...) it through correctly. What I did was very very wrong. I came across as judgmental and hateful though I had no reason to. I hardly know the person(s) involved other than what my friend has told me. I did it to protect him, but in reality, I probably made things worse, especially with how I went about it. Not only did I conform to the world, but because I did it out of frustration, I wasn't very Christ-like either. Yes, this was done in private (though now accessible through this confession), but two people saw that ugly little side of me, and that's definitely too many. Especially for someone who is flawed and not perfect at all, I had no business doing what I did.

I apologize to the parties involved. I'm stepping out and I hope you accept this. To the one I don't know well, I'd love to get to know you if you'd give me the chance, and to the friend, I hope it all works out. praying for y'all.


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